Forged In Black – The Exodus


Forged In Black – The Exodus (SaN PR)
Three songs that illustrate the progression Forged In Black has made from 2009 onwards. It\’s a bit unfortunate that the songs are in reverse order on the cd. Title track \’The Exodus\’ is brand new and blends Candlemass doom with classic galloping NWOBHM. It\’s been slightly updated to keep things up to date. \’Accusations Of The Innocent\’ is a demo track from 2013 and takes a more thrashy approach to band\’s classic metal style. The sound quality can\’t keep up with the opening track though. \’Forged In Black\’ stands last in line, both literally and figuratively speaking. The riffs feel like they\’ve dropped off the Megadeth plate, and give yet another direction to this Essex-based band. A great calling card for a young and promising band, and luckily their most recent song is by far the best. Martijn Welzen

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