Gravehuffer – Your Fault (Gravehuffer)

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You know that look of far off ecstasy that Matthew McConaughey gets just before he starts grinning and utters his world famous “Alright, alright, alright…” catch-phrase? That ten thousand mile stare that makes you think he knows something on a cosmic level that you don’t and actually understands how the universe functions?  Well, listening to Gravehuffer transforms you into that split second “Alright…” moment. They turn you into a vessel of Galactic perception and comprehension, and for the briefest of moments in a metal fuelled orgy of cognizance, their musical cocktail of The Accused, Buzzov-en, D-Beat and prime-time, Denim and Leather and Wheels of Steel Saxon tears a hole in all of the dimensional barriers and allows you to see everything as it really is.  And it is glorious…  Tim Cundle

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review! Really enjoyed how it was worded! Thanks again for the support and kind words! Cheers!

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