Gimp Fist – Isolation (Breakout Promotions/ Sunny Bastards)

North-East punk powerhouse Gimp Fist are back in the ring with another seat of heavyweight knock-out blows. On Isolation I’m hearing some hardcore influences creeping in as they up the tempo and blast out some short tunes on the lines of album opener Ambition or the killer Solidarity which almost reminds me of Leatherface or Snuff.

The UK has a strong tradition of bands blurring those punk and hardcore boundaries and Gimp Fist sit comfortably in that crowd. Rather than trying to fit into a hole, they are just happy to write and play what sounds good to their ears.

All three band members are forever honing and maturing their style. Bassist Chris runs up and down the fretboard like a dog with a bone, drummer and double-denim warrior Michael gives those skins a hell of a whack and guitarist/ vocalist Johnny reigns supreme over proceedings. He cranks out power-chords but is happy to throw in minor chords and little flourishes that keep things interesting, and vocally he is on top form.

Melodic, inventive vocal lines, often backed up with gang vocals on the chorus with some harmonies thrown in here and there for good measure.  All in all Gimp Fist serve up fifteen rounds of quality tunes on this latest in a series of killer albums. Tom Chapman

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