From the Heart – Make It Last (WTF Records)

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Well alright then boys and girls, it’s time to press play on Make It Last put your dancing shoes on and get ready to two step your way through the day, hold you head high and flip the bird at all the bullshit that life tries to throw at you. From the Heart, the perfect moniker for this bruising Hardcore unit, bring their disenfranchised PMA to the pit and shake the dance floor to its foundations with the velocity, power, energy and anger of their own brand of HC that’s fuelled and inspired in equal measure by Neglect, Shutdown, Sheer Terror and SOIA.  And when the breakdowns on Make It Last kick in, they’ll make you move so damn hard that you’ll be swallowing Vicodin like they were smarties for days afterwards just so you can get off the sofa and change the damn TV channel. But when the music is this good, a little bit if pain is a price worth paying. Especially when it’s played From the Heart*… Tim Cundle 

*HC puns are the best kind of puns. End of story.

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