King of Sorrow – Bow to My Wrath (Ugly & Proud)


Remember the first time that you got hit so hard that you nearly blacked out and all you could see for about five minutes afterward was a slow, swirling pattern of colours? You do? Good. Hold on to that thought, because that’s how Bow to My Wrath hits you, like the uppercut that you didn’t see coming, the punch that lands from out of nowhere and the blow that shakes every tooth in your head and rings your bell seven ways from Sunday.  King of Sorrow, are a snarling, ferocious Bulgarian beast who’ll knock you from pillar to post with their Stampin’ Ground meets Earth Crisis turn of the century UKHC style HC, before dragging you back into the middle of the ring and finishing you off in the closing moments of the first round with a perfectly executed combination of beat-downs and whirlwind Hardcore ferocity.  Long live the King… Tim Cundle

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