From Blue to Gray – Abstention of Interference (Luxor)

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Heavy? Yes. Melodic. Yes? Everything in between? Yes. But now the big question is: Is it any good? HELL YES!!! FBtG is a mighty metal monster with more chops than the local pig farmer. This unit from Mount Pleasant, MI has now dropped Abstention of Interference on the world and this is one serious slab of heavy metal. With this album they prove that not only can they crush bones with deadly riffage, they can also create astonishing beauty. In their own words this is “a concept record about the extent of human suffering and the slavery of the thinking mind…” Good lord (of darkness) what could possibly be more metal than that? Opening with devastating track Slave Grinder, Abstention of Interference never disappoints and continues to pummel us in the most delightful way until the final notes of closing track A Reason to Resonate fade into our brains. If you’re not already a fan of From Blue to Gray, you will be soon. Jim Dodge

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