Extreme Noise Terror – S/T


Extreme Noise Terror – S/T CD (Willowtip)
The proper ENT sound is well and truly back. Taking those Discharge-inspired riffs, smashing them through the Sweden-meets-Japan grinder and then turning the heat and pace up to eleven. These twelve new songs and a cover of Japanese legends Outo offer a relentless barrage of noise, with the trademark twin vocal attack barely in control. One of the original demonic duo, Phil Vane sadly passed away a couple of years ago, but his replacement Ben is a more than fitting tribute, as he trades off guttural roars with Dean. What I have always loved about ENT is that buried under the noise you have some hard-hitting catchy guitar riffing, but the overall effect is still just as facemelting as it ever was. I\’m glad they\’ve abandoned the grind path that they went down some time ago and returned to the style of A Holocaust In Your Head ad even nodding back to Raw Noise. If this is noise, not music, then damn it\’s a beautiful noise. Tom Chapman

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