Ett Dödens Maskineri- Kulturkrieget (Suicide Records)

Just when you think you’ve become a little jaded and think you’ve heard it all, sometimes bands just crop up out of nowhere and give you a little of – to quote the Rev Paul Bearer – “a right, a left and a kick to the fucking head”. Thank you Ett Dödens Maskineri (EDM)  who I had never even heard of – this album absolutely rages from start to finish. Imagine the beautiful noise that Disfear or Skitsystem make but cast that musical net as wide as you can, as there is not much that is off-limits to EDM.

Honestly get your head around spaghetti-western style guitars (which sounds insane written down on paper but believe me it works) shifting effortlessly to little black metal bursts, to classic rock, to more trad d-beat sounds.  None of this sounds disjointed – it doesn’t sound like a band trying to play a dozen different styles- it all melts perfectly together. I have long been a fan of the Swedish d-beat/ crust sounds, and these guys have absolutely nailed an alternative take on what is typically quite a narrow musical genre. Some how they manage to convey hope in a bleak musical setting and I have to say I absolutely love it. Honestly it’s releases like this that keep the soul alive – I can’t get enough of it. Tom Chapman

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