Brigata Vendetta – This Is How Democracy Dies (Pirates Press Records)

Well, this is all killer, no filler – 13 songs storming in at the 20 minute mark! This debut album from Brigata Vendetta transcends those ever-so popular music pigeonholes. No need to look for a niche audience here, it is straightforward hardcore-punk. Saying “no-frills” sounds like this is overly simple which isn’t the case.

Brigata Vendetta draw from their inner GBH, Discharge, early Agnostic Front or Violent Society with touches of Motorhead in the guitar department and crank out a splendid set of bruising tracks that not once exceed the two-minute mark. One thing that struck me on first listen was the element of familiarity. After a few seconds I had cracked it, on vocals is none other than Darrel of Harrington Saints and Suede Razors fame. His voice works perfectly for the style, rounding off a superb release. Tom Chapman

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