Bad Cop/ Bad Cop – Shattered/ Safe and Legal 7″ (Fat Wreck)

Shattered is most definitely an apt description to greet the end of a long year. Fortunately, these two new tracks from Bad Cop/ Bad Cop are like a caffeine shot to the arm. Absolutely rammed with chugging riffs, solid rhythms and killer lead and backing vocals.

There is a lot of that rich traditional Californian melodic punk rock style present, but I also hear nods to the Chicago sound (think Methadones or Pegboy) here and there – where the sugar-coated melodies have that bittersweet taste that elevates the songs from the simple pop-punk style to another level. Safe and Legal is a beast of a track with a strong pro-choice message, one that I have been listening to over and over with a very strong message. Absolutely essential… Tom Chapman

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