Epi-Demic – Malformed Conscience (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

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If, like me, you earned your thrashing stripes way back in the eighties, the second you tune into Malformed Conscience you’re going to be hit by a lightning storm of retro-crossover power that instantly resets your brain chronometer to 1987. And if you didn’t, then these rifftastic thrashing maniacs will probably, if you’re not wearing some form of protective cranial device, make your head explode with their mosh happy mayhem. Hitting like the bastard offspring of Fratricide and Eye for an Eye era Corrosion of Conformity that was raised in isolation and far from civilisation by Negazione and Septic Death, Epi-Demic have, with Malformed Conscience, unleashed an arsenal of eighties powered thrashtastic classics. Boys and girls, it’s thrashing time… Tim Cundle

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