Duffy\’s Cut – Killers On The Dancefloor (Oi! The Boat)


After an excellent debut 12\” and a split EP with Idle Gossip, Philadelphia band Duffy\’s Cut have unleashed their much anticipated first full-length album. If you are familiar with the sounds of previous records, their hot fusion of punk, mod, rock and soul will come as no surprise, but this time round they have tied their dancing shoes that little bit tighter to offer you exactly what the title promises. Picking up musical influences from all over the place from the last 60 or so years, their brand of poison is an infectious addictive blend. Although you can argue that all punk rock has is musical roots buried deep in the history of the likes of The Who, Dr. Feelgood or The Animals, not many modern bands pay tribute so well. Perhaps The Hives, The Shods or 45 Adapters spring to mind, the latter as it seems these two bands often share a bill for what must be a killer show. It\’s not an easy sound to pull off, but Duffy\’s Cut once again achieve it with style, putting the right ingredients in the shaker, mixing it up and serving their lethal cocktail with panache and flavour. Tom Chapman

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