Down Love – Trust (Boss Tuneage)


Down Love are a relatively new band from Surrey UK. The guys in the band have been knocking about in various bands over the years and that experience shows as this is a very mature debut album. Although this is melodic, it is a far cry from your standard pop-punk album, as the songwriting and structure demands a level of engagement from the listener. The rewards are great, as Down Love take you on a musical path that has been established and well trodden by the likes of Jawbox, Leatherface and Alloy and has struck a particular chord with many UK bands over the years. In more recent times bands such as Bedford Falls or Come The Spring have kept the sound vibrant and alive, and now Down Love offer a great addition to the genre. Melodies collide with guitar riffage that can swing from jarring discordance to delicate harmonies and back within seconds, building layers of sound and texture. Having said that, this album is designed to be enjoyed instantly as the tunes are well constructed and catchy, but with a depth that definitely keeps you engaged. A great debut. Tom Chapman

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Tom! Glad you like the record! Come to the launch show and there’s a pint with your name on it. Cheers

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