Death Alley – Superbia (Century Media)

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The retro rock revival from Europe continues with the emergence of Amsterdam’s Death Alley. Following on from the likes of Blues Pills, Graveyard and Kadavar former The Devil’s Blood guitarist Oeds Beydals, has put together a band steeped in that 70’s proto rock sound, that also offers a more modern sound. Yes, MC5 are an obvious reference point but looming underneath is a low end that sounds like something The Melvins or even Sleep would create.

Superbia kicks off with the nine plus minutes of Daemon, an eerie umber which builds superbly from the drums upwards into a solid rock juggernaut .The Chain shows a little 90’s alternative influence, whilst not diverting too far from their established sound. It’s time to smash a handful of acid as we lead into Feeding the Lions, with the band showing their psychedelic influences to great effect. For the big finish, the band chuck all those influences into a big pot and come out with the near twelve minute The Sewage.

Death Alley aren’t just another band playing this music to rekindle a bygone era, these guys live and breathe it. These boys hold bands like Hawkwind in the same regard as Bad Brains and that spills over into the music. They wear their punk ethics on their sleeve, they play 12 bar blues like BB King on acid and they hold down a killer groove like Fu Manchu. What’s not to like? Chris Andrews

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