Crazy Lixx – Crazy Lixx


Crazy Lixx – Crazy Lixx CD (Frontiers)
Their fourth album hits home… BOOM! and what a collection of tunes; these righteously deserve the self-titled album status. Eleven songs, which concoct a barrage of riffs, memorable hooks, and some severe hard rock ‘n’ hair metal connotations – perfect to drown out the every day boredom life hits you with. ‘Hell Raising Women’, ‘Girls Of The 80’s’, ‘All Looks, No Hooks’, along with ‘Ain’t No Rest In Rock ‘n’ Roll’ give off as much as the titles suggest and leave no stone unturned during the bombastic party. The re-recorded version of crowd favourite ‘Heroes Are Forever’ will please many since the demise and certain unavailability of the debut album said track appeared on. Given a sound Motley Crue would be proud to exhibit and an edge of enthusiasm so many will envy, these Swedes will be making a lot of noise, for a long time. Mark Freebase

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