Binary System – Eric Brown (Rebellion)

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As soon as you open and start reading Binary System you’re hooked. Humanities dream of discovering life while searching the stars is made a reality but we’re faced with a hostile and dangerous world that the character is thrown into and forced to use all her strength to survive.  Every page makes your heart race as you read as fast as you can to see what happens next. The idea of being in a spaceship catastrophe is enticing; to then find you’re in unexplored space about to crash land onto an unknown world makes even the readers adrenaline burst through their veins, Binary System gives us the ultimate rush from start to finish.

Even though the character is faced with alien horrors and is fighting to survive, Binary System creates a paradise that entices and keeps us hooked. The contrast of the icy barren land into a lush tropical oasis reminds us of the world we call home. This alien world is so different yet also oddly similar.

I love this book because of the attachments that you form to the characters. They tug at our heart strings from the off and I got so close to them that their joys and losses felt like my own. The weakness and strength the aliens show also reminded me of our own vulnerability, of a world we left behind seeking more when we already had paradise. And I love how the imagery of the alien world reflects our own, how the mountains are like the Himalayas and Brown describes alien foods as being like earth’s fruits and breads.

Binary System main theme, and the undercurrent that runs through it is reminder to never lose hope. Hope for finding a home, hope that we might not be alone, and hope for survival. No matter the struggles or hardships that we face, Binary System reminds us of the strength and determination that we as humans have which enables us to make it through any situation. Even when we are as far away as possible from home as we can be, even when faced with impossible odds, or faced with dangers we still prevail. Thoroughly recommended.  Kayleigh Kemp

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