Audiobreed – All Shades Of Colours But Only Red I See

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Audiobreed – All Shades Of Colours But Only Red I See (Casket Music/ PHD)
The one thing that confuses me about Audiobreed is that they execute their songs with military precision, in an almost Rage Against the Machine fashion, but they seem to have also enjoyed some of that green herb to give it that sludgy psychedelic twist. These four fellows from Greece have hit a new layer of precious metals, and instinctively know how to make songs heavy, yet groovy. Groovy like Black Sabbath on acid, while preforming in a warzone. They also manage to keep their eye on the ball, while the room slowly fills with smoke. Unlike many of its peers, Audiobreed is not about creating a dark and sinister atmosphere, but rather upbeat, like hard­hitting anthems. The boring album cover does not do justice to this great debut in any way. Martijn Welzen

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