Diamond Days – We\’ve Come A Long Way


Diamond Days – We\’ve Come A Long Way (SaN PR)
This young British band ticks all the boxes of melodic American pop punk style, in the vein of Fall Out Boy or Paramore, but there\’s still a twist in songwriting which can push this band into a league of its own. I\’m usually not a fan of this genre, but still I cannot turn off the four amazing songs. They just need to be played. Anthems which give you the energy needed for getting work or household chores down. It\’s just the nature of \’We\’ve Come A Long Way\’. Diamond Days make it sound easy, but a lot of work has gone into this ep, of which the title couldn\’t be more apt. The band is still in its infancy, but the Diamond Days are truly mature beyond those early years. Martijn Welzen

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