Arch Rivals – One More Round


Arch Rivals – One More Round CD (Randale)
There seems to be no end to the new English bands entering the ring to fly the flag of oi! and Arch Rivals are strong title fight contenders. This debut album contains 12 songs of classic streetpunk sounds, with melodies and the odd ska beat thrown in too. Although they don\’t veer too far from the oi! path the sound is varied, with terrace style singalong anthems rubbing shoulders with the harder-hitting sounds. Overall think of the more modern oi! bands like Argy Bargy, Control or Hateful, rather than the old school sound. Lyrically they also stick to the traditional topics of politicians, skinheads, the working class and hooligans, as well as having a go at the \”weekend punk rockers\”. They\’ve banged out a solid recording, with a solid guitar sound and some bass runs that help move this band up a gear. Definitely a band to look out for. Tom Chapman

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  1. Thank you for the kind words Tom, glad you like the album!


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