Annihilator – Grant Morrison & Frazer Irving (Legendary Comics)

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There are few places in the Universe as strange and complex as the infinite depths and unexplored, endless corridors of the human mind. They remained unchallenged in their mystery until Grant Morrison turned his hand to creating a sumptuous gothic space opera that exists somewhere in the boundless imagination of a terminally ill, narcotic fuelled,  alcoholic screen-writer on the verge of financial ruin and the curious extremes that exist in the centre of the cosmos.  A terrifying, mind bending collision of the eternal raging war waged against a galactic supreme being by an anti-hero driven by love and a man desperately trying to rediscover his passion and purpose while battling the forces of overwhelming mediocrity, Annihilator is a stygian love story set against the vast backdrop of oblivion and all of the unbidden horrors that it contains.

Brutal, unrelenting and enthralling Annihilator thrives on the idea that individuals who are driven to do wonderful, and extreme things exist on the edge of chaos, and that the most creative and extraordinary people are often dangerous, unpredictable and unable to function within the limited confines of “normal” society. And it’s also the tale of a man, a tumor and a creation made manifest who needs to finish the story of a prison on the edge of massive black hole and the greatest escape in history before all reality folds in on itself.  Morrison’s fable that rallies against the crushing, omnipresent embrace of mediocrity has a sliver of Anton Phibes’ DNA running through its genetic make-up, and is an engrossing mind fuck that gleefully toys with the nature of reality. Pushed over the cliffs of sanity and into realms of hitherto unexplored sublime beauty by the stark, foreboding and always gorgeous art of Frazer Irving, Annihilator is a book that will force you to question what you thought you knew about the world while encouraging your imagination to travel to bizarre new vistas.  The maelstrom awaits… Tim Cundle

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