V/A – Oi! This Is Streetpunk 2020 LP (Pirates Press Records)

If this compilation is anything to go by, the international street punk scene is currently in a very healthy position. Pirates Press have collected 20 tracks from 20 bands and piled them onto the grooves of this collection. This album showcases names that you will be familiar with as well as the young blood chasing their tails, making sure the big guns can’t afford to sit on their laurels. As a result you have top quality material produced by bands from across the globe. Bonecrusher, Welch Boys, The Young Ones, Lions Law, Brassknuckle Boys, The Prowlers and Doug & The Slugz lead the charge of the old brigade with a fine selection of material.

As always with these compilations, it is a great opportunity to discover new bands and for me Faction S and Fuerza are bands I’ll be on the lookout for. Rebels Rule seems to be Jenny Woo’s new band. Knock Off are a band I have seen various times but finally I get a chance to check them out on record. The Take are every bit as powerful in the studio as they are live. Other recent favourites in the scene such as Antagonizers ATL, Armada and The New York Hounds are represented as well as many more. It’s oi!, it’s street punk, so you kinda know what you are getting, but comps like this always prove that is a much more diverse style and it’s good to hear different takes on the genre. Tom Chapman

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