Thor: The Devourer King – Donny Cates, Nic Klein, Matthew Wilson & Claudia Sartoretti (Panini / Marvel)


Thor has been many things in his long and heroic life. He’s held many mantles, fulfilled many roles and beaten back the hordes of darkness more times than even he can remember. But none of the positions that he’s held have been as daunting, or challenging as that of all the All-Father.  In the aftermath of the devastating War of the Realms , Thor is faced with the challenge of having to rebuild Asgard and govern with wisdom and grace. His is a changed kingdom, with Sif taking over the stewardship from fallen Heimdall and his fellow Asgardians looking to their new King for inspiration, Thor reluctantly begins his long watch. Peace is a thing that Thor has rarely known in his existence, and as ever, it doesn’t last long, being shattered this time by a beaten and battered Galactus who, is his desperation to enlist the help of the God of Thunder, brings accidental destruction to Asgard.

Forced to become the Herald of the Eater of Worlds to prepare to face an enemy that even Galactus fears, Thor finds himself consumed by power as he’s torn between duty and doing what he knows is right. Imbued with cosmic energy, Thor finds himself at odds with friends new and old alike, as he strives to guide Galactus and control his impulses as they relentlessly journey toward a battle with a foe that neither of them are sure that they can defeat. And in a flurry of primal carnage, during which bitter truths are revealed and ancient lies are swept away, Thor’s universe is changed forever as, during the final moment of victory, he is “blessed” by a vision of the horrors that await him in the future.

Having taken charge of forging Thor’s destiny, Donny Cates has hurtled out of the starting gates and crafted a heroic epic that reshapes the mythology of one Marvel’s most omnipotent characters and casts him in an entirely new light. Accompanied by the sumptuous, dripping in detail art of Nic Klein, Cates story of the corruptive nature of power and the inherent fallibility of all “men” regardless of their stature is an incredible start to what, if there’s any justice left in the world, will be a long and well deserved run as the architect of Thor’s fate. The King is dead, long live the King…  Tim Cundle

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