Agnostic Front – The American Dream Died


Agnostic Front – The American Dream Died CD (Nuclear Blast)
NYHC veterans AF are raging with this new release. Taking their well known sound right back to the likes of ‘Cause For Alarm’ and ‘Liberty And Justice For…’ albums also mixing in the ferocity of classic debut ‘Victim In Pain’ this has to be said – ‘The American Dream Died’ is the best album the band has released since it’s reformation in 1998. Short, sharp, and to the point ‘Police Violence’ ‘No War Fuck You’ and ‘Enough Is Enough’ rage like a band who have nothing on their minds except pent up frustration whilst the opening title track slams home some cold hard truths. On ‘We Walk The Line’ Stigma and co. lock into a weighty groove, mixing elements of metal and punk bringing in plenty of that original (but sadly missed of late) AF vibe. Guest vocals from Lou (S.O.I.A), Freddy (Madball) and Toby (H2O) during ‘Never Walk Alone’ cement the old school unity the scene was once truthfully renowned for, as well as adding a huge sing-a-long chorus, which is sure to be a crowd favourite. Roger Miret’s vocals seem to be the strongest he has delivered in some time, and with fifteen songs in fewer than twenty-eight minutes this only solidifies the intensities the band executes. ‘A Wise Man’ sees a welcomed guest appearance from former axe-man Matt Henderson, bringing a ‘One Voice’ era feel amongst this solid set of tunes. There are sporadic moments of Oi elements the band dabbled with over previous years, but for the best part the sound reminisces the true feel which established them from the very beginning. With lyrics encompassing the issues involving their beloved country, a straight forward no nonsense approach has rekindled a fire that seems to be well and truly ferocious. If you had written Agnostic Front off as a pure parody of themselves just going through the motions ‘The American Dream Died’ will nullify those thoughts immediately. This is the shit that got me fired up back in the 80’s, and it’s premium New York Hardcore! Mark Freebase

Agnostic Front – The American Dream Died CD (Nuclear Blast)
There’s nothing better than a band from your teenage years turning out one of the best albums of their career 30 years down the line, so kudos to AF for being one of those bands. More politicised than ever, vocalist Roger Miret is more than a little angry at the ongoing issues of police corruption, the gentrification of NYC, America’s lurch towards a Soviet style police state and the mistreatment of Veterans amongst others. Musically ‘The American Dream Died’ see’s the band depart somewhat from the Oi influences of the past few albums and incorporate some of the other varied styles of Hardcore the band have pioneered over the years from the ‘Society Suckers’ style ‘Police Violence’ to the more metalized ‘One Voice’ era ‘Test Of Time’ and the crunching ‘Social Justice’. There’s slight Oi influence to the incredible catchy and anthemic ‘Never Walk Alone’ – which is destined to become a live favourite, but to be honest there’s not a bad track on this album and it easily matches and surpasses many of the bands album post ‘83 releases. One of 2015’s essential Hardcore releases. Ian Pickens

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