2Cellos – Celloverse

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2Cellos – Celloverse CD+DVD (Portrait)
Wow! Acts like this usually don’t interest myself in anyway, well not for a long period of time. 2Cellos on the other hand are totally out of this league. Watch the DVD first; it will really open your eyes to the duo’s skilled musicianship and knowledge of their instruments, along with visual performance. No massive stage accessories or show, but powerful, passionate playing – unbelievable… they know their stuff. The overall performance is nothing short of stunning, in all aspects throughout the seven tracks. Like all double acts one of them is more theatrical… taking in crowd surfing whilst playing, and recreating the agile Angus twist on the floor during the finest cover of ‘Thunderstruck’ you will probably ever hear. The sounds they derive from their instruments are truly phenomenal, mixing the intricacies of classical music with the shear power of metal. The CD features thirteen tracks; only two have been repeated from the DVD, and the quality treatment given to the execution of Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper’ or the Bond classic ‘Live And Let Die’ leaves a conclusion of nothing short of spectacular. These guys are going to turn a lot of heads, and grab a gigantic slab of attention, not to mention their handsome looks, which are sure to leave many females drooling. Mark Freebase

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