Zombi – 2020 (Relapse Records)

As 2020 continues to weave its inescapable dark magic, its somehow oddly fitting that the latest Zombi record has been named in honour of this most devastating and complicated year. Having been lazily flagged and tagged at various times throughout their existence as space rock and psychedelic prog, Zombi have been travelling their own path for nearly twenty years and continue to steadfastly march to beat of their own drum.

Drawing equally from Tangerine Dream, Goblin, John Carpenter and a cast of a thousand others, Zombi’s music is a full blown, genre flavoured, cinematic opus that opens the door to your third eye and allows you to drift through the many realms of imagination without the aid of narcotics or hallucinogens. If, as I suspect, this year turns out to be the final act in the Snake Plissken trilogy, then 2020 is the soundtrack that we’ll all be listening to when the credits roll and the curtains close. Let the glorious apocalypse begin…   Tim Cundle

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