YOUTH from Killing Joke announces the publication of ‘The Anarchist Colouring Book’


The Anarchist Colouring Book is an A4 high quality thick paper colouring book featuring original designs by Youth.
Youth\’s free form ink drawings (taken directly from his sketchbooks), are unaltered and true to source. Youth explains “There are no corrections, this keeps the work present, tight and authentic. The drawings chosen are characterised by their intimacy and are an extraordinary mash up of the mundane and controversial images we are subjected and bombarded with every day …referencing everything from pop media to art, religion and politics… throughout history.”
“There is a magical and shamanic theme throughout, themes of metamorphism transcendence and transformation are very clear and the anthropomorphic creatures suggest a deeper connection and a sensual relationship to nature and wild native wisdom.
 Youth\’s intense and psychological extreme themes explore identity, sexuality, class, death and love. By drawing fluid, definitive lines, Youth makes a complex statement about the relationship of representation through imagination.”
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