Yorkshire Rats – S/T EP (Northern Ruff)


You know it’s going to be a good day when you see the Yorkshire Rats moniker on a record sleeve. These Northern punk’n’roll hooligans inject a little soul into the full throttle anthems that are built around their patented, catchy as all hell formula that’s equal parts Snuff and Tom Petty, and on the four tracks on this self-titled EP they don’t deviate, not one musical millimetre,  from what they do best. And thank whatever maker or creator you believe in for that, because these tunes will make even your worst day that little better. Suffering from a plethora of first world problems? Has your partner left you a broken and bent wreck and looking at a hopeless future? Stick the Yorkshire Rats on, turn the volume up and even though fate won’t become any kinder or any less capricious, you’ll be raring to get back on your feet and start laying the smack down on Karma. Like I said, it’s always a good day when you’re hanging out with the Yorkshire Rats… Tim Cundle

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