Wonk Unit – Mr Splashy (TNS Records)

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I\’ve been meaning to check out Wonk Unit in more detail for quite some time now – I\’ve seen a few videos and they definitely left me wanting more. One of those featured Duncan Redmonds and I did get a bit of a Snuff vibe from all the videos I watched. As it happens that is just one of the aspects of the Wonk\’s very eclectic sound. In fact there is so much going on here that I am hard-pressed to offer some nice comfortable comparisons for you. Overall there is enough melody to keep pop-punk fans happy, but the Wonkers offer entertainment on many levels – dig beneath the catchy surface and you\’ll discover clever song-writing and arrangements happening. Vocalist Alex Wonk is a great lyricist and it is well worth listening to the words he sings. With lines such as \”Things were going to well, until you asked me for guest list, and I said Sorry, I don\’t speak English\”, or \”Clinging to the bannister\’s \’cos I\’m well knackered\” or even \”Awful Jeans, get away from me, bringing shame on your family\”, honestly you can\’t go wrong. This album oozes character and charm and with sleeve art so bad that it\’s fabulous, I can highly recommend you get yourselves a dose of Wonk. Tom Chapman


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