Useless I.D. – State is Burning (Fat Wreck)

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Firing on all cylinders, Useless I.D. have delivered an anthemic punk record that is up there with any of their previous releases at the top of the anthemic punk pile. Opening with the sub-one-minute \”Land Of Idiocracy\”, it is clear that they have stoked the fire in their belly and are back with a point to make. This album is harder hitting than I expected, with some sharp political viewpoints put to a classic melodic punk soundtrack. This of the likes of Bad Religion and Ignite, with hints of Lagwagon here and there. Those comparisons are pretty much redundant though, seeing as Useless I.D. are following the same musical path that they have trodden for some twenty years. The key to their recipe is the combination of hardcore guitars thrashing out the riffs, combined with Yotam Ben Horin\’s powerful voice and those harmonies sprinkled all over the album in all the right places. They aren\’t reinventing the wheel here, but have taken the ingredients for the classic pop-punk style and cooked up their own fury. Tom Chapman


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