Wolfpack – Loathe (BDHW / Soulfood)

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Maybe I’m wrong, but I was always led to believe that Cleveland was one of Ohio’s premiere cities, but after listening to Wolfpack, I guess I was mistaken and that it’s actually a suburb of Paris. That’s right kids, Wolfpack are devotees and rabid exponents of the Clevo beatdown sound, but instead of just being content to emulate their Cleveland brothers and sisters, Wolfpack have taken the Clevo blueprint, shined it up real nice, added a little H8000 brutality and infused it with a sense of, now this is going to comes as shock so sit down, take a breath and prepare yourselves, melody. And you know what? It works. Loathe  is a Janusian beast  that plunges you into the darkest realms of your soul before reaching down and pulling you back into the “light” with its tumultuous combination of monstrous riffs and rhythms and allegiance to the rule of the beat down. Bienvenue a Cleveland…  Tim Cundle

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