Negative Self – Control the Fear (BDHW / Soulfood Records)

Whoa, wait a minute… Negative Self are from Sweden? I would have sworn blind that these guys were from Venice Beach and that Control the Fear was a long-lost nineties crossover classic as Negative Self are dead ringers for Suicidal Tendencies circa How Will I Laugh.  Vocally and musically, Negative Self have nailed, and perfected, the ST Venice Beach sound. Hell, they sound more like Suicidal Tendencies than Suicidal Tendencies do and as you thrash happy, crossover cats know all too well, that’s no bad thing.  Control the Fear has an instant familiarity and groove that’ll make you break out your bandana and over-sized shorts and fill you with an irresistible urge to build a ramp in your back garden and skate the shit out of it. And while you’re doing all of that Negative Self will be doing what they do best. Thrashing away, Suicidal style. Join the Army… NS!  Tim Cundle

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