Wigelius – Tabula Rasa (AOR Heaven)

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For those in search of a modern day, early era, Bon Jovi, look no further. ‘Tabula Rasa’ is graced with guitars, melody and subtle keyboard mayhem in abundance. Wigelius are most definitely an 80’s rock band with a millennium feel and each and every song on this record could easily become a radio play list single. Having said that, the lead guitar break during ‘Déjà Vu’ is enough to melt any metal head and the weighty introduction to ‘Long Way From Home’ is sufficient to please any rocker looking for a harder edge. The album title, translated from its Latin, ‘Blank Slate’ is an open door and a great starting point for Wigelius to introduce their brand of mature rock, which reminds me of my misspent teen-youth. Sweden is producing some great bands, and labels like AOR Heaven are certainly giving Frontiers Records a run for their money. Mark Freebase




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