Grand Slam – A New Dawn (AOR Heaven)

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Not as instantaneously rocky as the Phil Lynott associated name may imply, but never the less this record isn’t short of melodic rocking tunes. Grand Slam’s commercial offerings lean more towards the lighter side of all things A.O.R. Great production (is there really an excuse for not having that in this day and age?), great choruses, plenty of hair tossing moments and just as you think Grand Slam are about to open fire with all guns blazing in an LA sleaze style shootout, the keyboards gently reign everything back in.  With an established history in their homeland, Sweden, it’s now time for this quartet to spread their wings in the hard rocking and working circles of the international music scene everything back in. These guys have the looks and I’m sure once female, and male (because pretty is as pretty does), fans alike lay their eyes upon them, ‘A New Dawn’ will be ravenously devoured. Mark Freebase

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