White Trash – Reverse Engineering / Kill the Cool Kids 7” (Modern Junk Records)

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In September, I raved about Bristol scamps White Trash on these here pages and their anthemic Reverse Engineering which surfaced online with little fanfare. It would seem I spunked my Mass Movement load too early. Fast-forward almost three months and the track is now to be released proper as a double A side 7” with Kill the Cool Kids courtesy of Modern Junk Records. I stated previously that Reverse Engineering was a contender for the best song of 2017. As we edge towards Jesus’ birthday, you may now scrap the contender bit and cement the bugger in rock ‘n’ roll stone; this is hands down the single of the year. All bets are off, we have a winner.

The Kill the Cool Kids video has just been launched and the song is another high dose of fizzy punk which crosses into power pop territory, such is its instant appeal. Damn, it’s catchier than Big Neville Southall picking balls out of the air in a Merseyside derby. The band “wanna know if music is dead.” The answer’s no. It’s burst out of the garage, into the gutter and is now rising quicker than a cheap amphetamine head rush via these sweat soaked upstarts’ frantic guitars and fuzzy vocals. Hipsters, beware!

White Trash may just be the most exciting discovery this year. The limited 7” is out on 14th December with a string of dates starting on the 15th, taking in London, Exeter, Birmingham and Bristol. If you don’t dig White Trash then you may as well remove the pin badges from your denim jacket and chuck your punk 45s in the bin. Watch White Trash give the UK a much needed kick up the arse in 2018. They mean it, maaaan. Ginge Knievil

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