Wehrmacht – Biërmacht (Re-Issue) (Hammerheart Records)

Just a year after the original release of Shark Attack, Biërmacht hit… hard! Whereas their debut album didn\’t really care about proper song structures and sounded like a bunch of maniacs having a tantrum over the shortage of beer, Wehrmacht’s sophomore record is more of a thrash crazed statement of intent.

Filled with over the top crossover classics that revolve around aggression and fun, Wehrmacht’s lager infused madness continues unabated and it\’s just… better. It makes me wonder what sort of progression Wehrmacht could have made if they had ever made a third or fourth album. Regardless of that though, both of their albums are essential crossover releases. The CD releases of both reissues have bonus discs rammed full of rare material as well, but it’s a shame that the vinyl versions of the reissues don’t include the additional tracks… Martijn Welzen

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