Wehrmacht – Shark Attack (Re-Issue) (Hammerheart Records)

Shark Attack is one of those gems everybody knows about, but for some reason only gets the recognition it deserves among die-hard metal maniacs. The record’s roots lie equally in thrash, hardcore, grind and crossover, but its true superpower lies in its inherent chaos. Wehrmacht were not afraid of entirely letting go and they let it all hang out whenever they hit a stage.

The aptly name track Puke is a testiment to that. Still the bloodthirsty metal kids of the mid eighties loved them. There is more to this record than pure crossover inanity though and there are, dare I say, well thought-out song structures under the thick layers of madness. Shark Attack was originally released in 1987, and it stands the test of time rather well. It’s crammed full of the energy and intensity that so many bands are still pursuing, but can rarely match. Think early Kreator and DRI after smoking a lot of pot and drining a lot of beer. Shark Attack was originally reissued in 2010, by FOAD Records and in 2015 by High Roller Records, but they were limited rekeases and were not easy to lay your hands on. So it’s a good thing that we had Hammerheart to change this. Martijn Welzen

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