Vitamin X – Age of Paranoia (Southern Lord)

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If the members of Sick Of It All had grown up in California and What Happens Next? had been raised on the Lower East Side, and then they’d been brought together under the guidance of Sothira from Crucifix who insisted that they listen to nothing except Motorhead, Black Flag, Heresy and DC Hardcore, then the band that would have eventually emerged from that maelstrom would have been Vitamin X.  These Dutch lunatics play speed driven, raging HC with a rock’n’roll edge that makes you want throw caution to the wind, flip your boss off, sack your job and spend the rest of your days flailing in a counter clockwise direction in any pit that’ll have you and throwing yourself off any raised surface you can find.

And even though these long time HC veterans have put in more years and played more shows than even they can probably remember, age and experience hasn’t wearied them. If anything, it’s made them tighter, sharper and much more focussed and it shows on every single track of their latest, all killer no filler release, Age of Paranoia. Fast, furious, overflowing with energy and slam happy anthems, Age of Paranoia is a heavyweight, Hardcore monster that should, and deserves to, find a home in every HC kids, both young and old, record collection and on every single punk rock stereo in scene-land. Welcome to the Age of Paranoia. It’s time to take your vitamins… Tim Cundle

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