Thronetorcher – Eden’s Poison (BDHW Records)

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Angry as I am, I’ve got nothing on Thronetorcher. This intense Hardcore unit makes me look like some kind of new age philosophy guru who spends his time spouting nonsensical self-help crapola. Even in my wildest dreams (and they do get pretty wild, believe me), I couldn’t claim to have ever been half as annoyed and irate as Thronetorcher are, and I’ve got to admit, I’m a little bit jealous. Being as angry as Thronetorcher are takes dedication, focus and passion, and their absolute commitment to outrage is made manifest on Eden’s Poison; which is as you’ve probably surmised by now, an incredibly ferocious and incensed beast of an album. Walking a similar path to Malevolence and drawing on, and taking inspiration from, the energy and raw creativity of Earth Crisis circa Destroy the Machines, Thronetorcher are one of those increasingly rare scene entities. That is, a band who actually walks it like they talk it.  Get angry and get Eden’s Poison… Tim Cundle

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