Vis Vires – The Fight Goes On (Contra Records)

This debut album from Vis Vires is a co-release between the labels Battle Scarred Records (US), The Firm Records (POR), Common People (ESP), Comandante Records (BRA) and Contra Records (GER) so there\’s a lot of international interest getting in on the action. There is an obscure branch of oi oi music that doesn’t just flirt with – but fully gets their rocks off – on classic metal, and Vis Vires belongs firmly in that camp.

Think of bands like Battle Ruins, or Legion 76, or even Toxpack or Troopers. I’m not just talking about the occasional flash of a solo, but full on guitar heroics and more or less through the duration of the album. If the guitars take you off into fantasy land the vocals bring you back to earth like a punch in the face. Gruff street-punk vocals that take no prisoners, with gang backing vocals that add a Hardcore touch. Without sounding like them, think of the latest Lion’s Law album, just chuck in a boatload more metal. I don’t know if “epic oi” is a genre yet, but if so, then Vis Vires are the leaders of the pack. Tom Chapman

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