PI$$ER – Crushed Down To Paste MLP (TNS/ KIBOU/ CIMEX/AMOK/ SPHC)


The first Pi$$er 7” was pitched with haphazard genius somewhere between Anti-Cimex and a bargain basement Mr. Bungle, and Crushed Down To Paste doesn’t disappoint by being any less eccentric. Don’t be put off by the annoying Jazz Wasps – in fact, think of it as an initiation test, and if you can’t handle that, maybe keep moving on by – because Time then rips the rule book up into confetti and papers the ceiling with it. And from thereon in, it’s a complete riot, of hardcore, punk, lurching rhythms and don’t-give-a-fuck jazz.

They name-check X-Ray Spex, Cravats and The Fall in their ‘Nourishment’ list of influences on the insert, and if all those artists ended up in a blender with Discharge, this anarchic concoction of wildly entertaining noises would be the result. The punk rock credentials of various members of the band are beyond question, and the fact they want to take all their collective piss ‘n’ vinegar to someplace new just reinforces the strength of their commitment to challenging stereotypes. It’s still fast and angry with something to say, just as you’d expect from members of Doom and The Domestics (amongst many others), but believe me, you certainly won’t hear another UK punk record quite this quirky any time soon. Ian Glasper

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