V/A – Cashing In On Christmas Vol. VII LP/ CD (Rebel Sound)

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It seems a bit weird, but punk bands and Christmas songs have long gone hand in hand, and this new comp from Rebel Sound is a worthy continuation of that tradition. If you think back to the Bollocks To Christmas EP (featuring The Business and The 4 Skins amongst others), and tunes such as Christmas Time For The Skins by Crucial Youth, or Santa Was A Skinhead by Hard Skin, then you\’ll also know that most punk yuletide anthems aren\’t especially serious or are actually pretty anti-Christmas. A lot of the contributions on this record fall definitely into that latter category, with He Who Cannot Be Named (from The Dwarves) singing War On Christmas, Seaside Rebels and their Not The Season To Be Jolly or Bastard Monster announcing the Christmas Of Doom, then you’ve probably  guessed that this ain’t Val Doonican… Actually most of the bands have turned in regular punk rock tunes, perhaps with some added jingling bells here and there, so if a collection of tunes from the bands above alongside the likes of Lazy Class, Bonecrusher, The Automatics or the Pisstons sounds like your thing, then get this one added to your Christmas list. Tom Chapman


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