Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling


Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling (Reaper Records)
When you cannot reinvent the hardcore­ wheel, you can take bits and pieces of every wheel ever made and create a great, chunky version of it. \’Nonstop Feeling\’ is a breath of fresh air, where Shelter, Gorilla Biscuits, Excel, Rage Against The Machine and even The Beatles get spat out through amazing songs filled with hooks and unexpected twists. It is groovy crossover the way it is supposed to be done in this decade. It wouldn\’t surprise me one bit if Turnstile could be the benchmark for a whole new wave of bands. A wave which they will be riding for a long time to come. Quite the treat here, ladies and gentlemen. Martijn Welzen

Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling (Reaper Records)
This has to be one of the most refreshing hardcore albums I’ve heard in a long time. A totally nostalgic feel; combining Bad Brains, Leeway, and a very slight hint of funk/hip hop. Mixing it back like how it was in the earlier days before metalcore came to roost. There is not one iota of chuga chuga guitar; just pure old school groove driven hardcore with a tasty sense and some chiselled vocal screeches – hardcore with passion, and plenty of feeling. As the heavy guitar tone of ‘Gravity’ locks down the groove, it’s the speed and precision of ‘Drop’ that really emphasises the hardcore presence felt here. Compounded with some great chorus lines and attentive verse settings this makes the entirety of ‘Nonstop Feeling’ a soon to become addictive entity. A breathe of fresh air, but a million miles away from the so-called hardcore releases we have been subjected too over the last few years. With plenty of tempo’s surfacing (‘Out Of Rage’, ‘Blue By You’, and ‘Addicted’) it’s not a hardcore record that drags along. If anything it’s the many songs, which are short, sharp, and too the point that raise the fact Turnstile have turned out a truly great contender for memorable HC release of 2015. Mark Freebase

Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling (Reaper Records)
Groove driven Hardcore with a positive slant – think Killing Time mixed with Gorilla Biscuits and featuring Trapped Under Ice drummer Brendon Yates on vocals who seems to have a bit of a Ray Cappo thing going on (particularly on opening track ‘Gravity’ which sounds like a long lost Shelter track. Groove is the word, although the band seems happy to pick up the pace with some YOT style Hardcore such as ‘Drop\’ or ‘Addicted’. It’s not rewriting the rulebook but then that doesn’t seem to be the band’s manifesto. If you like those chunky NYHC riffs then this will be right up your street. Ian Pickens

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