True Love – Heaven’s Too Good For Us (Bridge Nine)

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Hardcore walked out of my life some ten years ago and slammed the door shut in my face. Whatever, I didn’t miss the fickle bitch! I didn’t even care who it went and hung around with, what it had to say or which sub-genre it wanted to hang with! I was over it, get out and good riddance! Today out of the blue, straight-edge Detroitians (yes it’s a word, so fuck off) True love just happened to knock on my digital door, I begrudgingly obliged them and open the door to see WHAT THE BITCH wanted!

“Hello. Our name is True Love and you’re going to want to hear what you’ve been missing all these years…”

“Yeah, right” I whispered.

True Love proceeded to rant on and on and on, sticking its big musical boot in and then back out again as it played a game of Hokey fuckin Pokey with every sub-genre of HC I can think of.

However, during this uninvited visit, and our one way conversation, Heaven’s Too Good For Us never seemed trite, conceited or forced. Those horrible traits were always a problem for me in the past, where I would literally sift through hours of shit looking for that one glorious undigested hardcore nugget.

Luckily there’s none of that here, just fast chaotic music that’s accurately messy and all over the place. The whole album doesn’t seem to know who it is, who it wants to be or if it even cares for that matter…It’s quick and to the point, it has that ‘shit or get off the pot mentality’ and that’s why I fucking loved hardcore in the first place!

To be brutally honest I really don’t care if this is True Love’s first album or their tenth and honestly I’m not even going to check. These days I listen ‘in the now’ and not what I think people want me to listen to, fuck those politics I don’t care anymore…All I know is that on this album Alec Faber and the team literally and effortlessly brutalize every single syllable screamed, note struck or skin pounded during this  masterpiece and that’s good enough for me.

So could this be True Love again? Do I ‘fancy’ it? Is it love at second sound? Does the flame still flicker for this fickle bitch?  Maybe True Love has turned my head again and cured my aching heart. Who knows? Only time will tell. However, let me tell you if it ever comes back for a second date I’m going to stick my hand up its sweatshirt and see what happens next! Support their hard work, go buy this! Alan Wright


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