Torchwood goes “off the rails” in Dead Man’s Switch


Murray Melvin reprises his portrayal of Machiavellian, time-travelling Torchwood nemesis, Bilis Manger, in a creepy new full cast audio drama, Torchwood: Dead Man’s Switch, released today from Big Finish Productions.  

But this time the eerie manipulator isn’t facing off against Captain Jack and his team. Instead, Bilis features as the central figure in a chamber piece faintly reminiscent of Amicus portmanteau horror movies such as Dr. Terror\’s House of Horrors… 

Torchwood: Dead Man’s Switch is available now as a collector’s edition CD at £9.99 or on download at £7.99 from 

A devious antiques dealer, a property developer and a heartbroken hairdresser. Three strangers sit on a train that’s going nowhere. 

They are joined by a mysterious figure. 

Bilis Manger wants to tell them how they died. 


Of his return to Torchwood in its audio form, Murray Melvin said: “I call it Bilis’s retribution! What is fascinating is that, these days, you can do anything on screen, but the really frightening ghost stories have no ghosts in. And this is one of them. If your audience is interested, they\’ll have their own image of what\’s going on. All the characters are lovely parts, which every actor is always grateful to come across.” 

Please note that Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners. 

Torchwood: Dead Man’s Switch is available now as a collector’s edition CD at £9.99 or on download from the Big Finish website at £7.99.  

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