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Have you ever heard the inarguable sound of fate steering the future? What if that sound barrelled through the intersection of British and American punk?

For the members of Sharp Shock, growing up with the bands that defined music with an honesty and passion that can be rarely found in modern times cleared a very obvious path for what they wanted to do with their own lives. Playing in garages to arenas and back again, sleeping on floors and in vans for the better part of the last fifteen years, the trio comprising Sharp Shock eventually found their way to Southern California, pushed only by a dream that slip away from many. 

Singer/guitarist Davey Warsop (Beat Union, Suedehead) and bassist/vocalist Dan Smith (The Dear & Departed; world-renowned tattoo artist) are both UK exports but didn’t cross paths until they were both transplanted to California. Drummer Chris Erickson, (an old friend of Davey\’s from their mutual hometown of Birmingham, England) actually made his own path across the pond and would end up completing this trio of Ex-Pats residing in the USA perfectly.  

Pulling inspiration from their divergent upbringings and shared idols like The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers, Sharp Shock quickly found their sound—a sun-drenched blend of ska and skate that draws from punk musicality and nostalgia.

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