Torche – Restarter

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Torche – Restarter CD (Relapse)
A superfuzzbigmuff of groove and noise, incorporating elements of Seattle’s finest and leaving a dash of nostalgic sound – now that’s how to best some up these Miami stoners. Locking down a deep and heavy sound with album opener ‘Annihilation Affair’ this quartet create quite an original slant on the genre they will surely get lumped into. The contents of ‘Restarter’ has the listener drifting aimlessly with the undercurrent of swirling music, whilst also managing to hold attention and cleverly entwine them in the groove laden vocals which spew continuously until the very ending album title track, which crosses the finishing line at an extensive eight minutes. Having said that, the contents of Torche’s masterous reverberations clock in at 38.17 minutes for the entire ten tracks. Incorporating some insanely fucked up artwork; I am now left with the thought… I just wish I had of gotten the vinyl version. Mark Freebase

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