Topnovil – Out Of Order LP (Contra)

I\’ve been listening to a bunch of recent releases where the bands are happy to mix up styles without worrying too much about fitting into this or that genre and do you know what, it\’s as refreshing as a cold one, straight from the tap on a hot day. Topnovil serve up 14 refreshing liveners that range from shots that you down in one, ice cold brews that you swig from as you swagger round the dancefloor, bright strong long drinks that are savoured with every mouthful, and strong hot coffee for the morning after. This album is an absolute all-rounder that blends blasts of hardcore with anthemic streetpunk, full-on singalongs and even some moments of sunshine reggae and ska. Given that this is their fourth album, these cats are no newcomers to the songwriting game and their experience shines through. You can hear the passion and heart put into the tunes, and on \”No Compromise\” when they sing \”live like it\’s do or die, no regrets, no compromise\” you know they mean it from the heart. I\’ve given this album a fair few spins now and whilst on occasion you can hear the influences (Rancid, Bouncing Souls, The Unseen, The Casualties etc.) Topnovil have plenty of character of their own, and with each listen I\’m discovering new melodies, digging deeper into the lyrics and getting to like this album more and more. Definitely a keeper. Tom Chapman

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