THEORIES: Seattle Death Grind Miscreants Drop New Track.


\”Regression\” is the forthcoming new full-length from Seattle death grind miscreants, THEORIES. Set for release next month via Metal Blade Records, \”Regression\” boasts ten tracks of grisly, unapologetic, crust-infused death grind that\’ll rot you from the inside out.

Captured at The Red Room and The Boiler Room with producer/engineer Derek Moree (The Sword, Pelican, Minus The Bear et al) with mixing and mastering conducted by Visceral Sound\’s Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed), \”Regression\” is the sound of social discontent, economic uncertainty, environmental catastrophes, and the inevitable cycle of decay. Chest-collapsing in its unrefined heaviness, on \”Regression\”, THEORIES teems with gnashing, prototypical hyper speed blasts, sub-nuclear riff assaults, dissonant grooves, gravel-throated vocals and enough kinetic venom to raze a nation.

Today Vice Magazine\’s music portal, Noisey, celebrates imminent suffering with third track, \”Shame,\” at THIS location!

THEORIES has been propagating the seeds of bleak, dark, and terminally infuriated grind metal in the Pacific Northwest since their 2011 inception. The band, comprised of current and former members Samothrace, Skarp, and Book Of Black Earth among others, released their debut EP that same year. Their touring campaign followed shortly thereafter, and have since terrorized the stages through the US on nearly a dozen tours and to festivals including Maryland Death Fest, Chaos in Tejas, Southwest Terror Fest, and their most recent tour with new label mates, Cattle Decapitation.

THEORIES\’ \”Regression\” will be available for public consumption on March 20th, 2015 via Metal Blade Records. Preorder bundles are currently available at where you can also scrape your eardrums to \”Cycle Of Decay.\”

\”Regression\” Tracklist:
1. Burnt Concrete
2. Cycle of Decay
3. Shame
4. Abortive Crescent
5. Bathing in Pigs Blood
6. First World\’s Last Breath
7. Swimming in Mud
8. Revenge/Rewild
9. Hell in Her Eyes
10. Landfill

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