The United Nations of Punkrock at Crossbonefest 2015.

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The Priceduifkes are about to start an annual World war at Crossbonefest! Next to Bat Bites and Windowsill who were already added to the line up. We are proud to say that some of the best Monster Zero bands are partying with us in 2015. Such as MALADROIT, DEECRACKS and THE MURDERBURGERS who are now offically added to the line-up. 6 Monster Zero bands out of 7 different countries all combined in one amazing musical weekend

Bands from all over the world are playing (well, USA and Europe). But never forget your local bands. These bands are still young and not so good looking. Do not underestimate them. They are probably better then most of the bigger bands playing in the big punkrock/hardcorepunk world, bands such as EASTWOOD, THE GOODLUCK PARTY, NUTSHELL, DUTCH RUDDERS and NERVOUS MOTHERS have been added to the line up to add that local flavour.

Some of the best hardcorepunk acts are playing at xbone 2015. We\’re going to top it up even more with these 2 bands.

ANXIETY ATTACK is one of the nastiest fastcore \’patattepuree\’ bands from France. It\’s been a very long time since this next band has been to Belgium, but in march they\’re back! DEAN DIRG will make bratwurst from everyone and everything on saturday the 21st of march. We\’re happy to announce that we have 1 more Monster Zero band coming over. Unibrowed poppunk heroes ZATOPEKS will close the deal with all these European poppunk bands playing in Getwood City.

Shield recordings\’ HARSH REALMS and the Mean Jeans tourbuddies NANCY are the very last bands we have to announce to the impressive crossborder roster of Crossbonefest.

Date: 20th and 21st of March 2015
Location: JH The Basement (Houthalen)
Facebook event:
About: Crossbonefest is an annual DIY Punkrock/HC festival in Houthalen (Belgium).

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