The Turbo A.C.’s / Christmas – Split 7” (Self Released)

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Confession time… The last Turbo A.C.’s album I bought was 2001’s Fuel for Life on Nitro Records. Yes, I am ducking for cover as the beer cans are about to be hurled at my horse shaped head by some angry punks. New album Radiation is less than a month old and on this split with Germany’s Christmas, The Turbo A.C.’s offer up High By The Beach. If someone hadn’t told me, I would never have guessed this is a take on a Lana Del Rey song. I don’t think seeking out the original is necessary to compare and contrast. Taking things on face value, it’s greasy New York rock ‘n’ roll with the band’s renowned surf guitar. And before the old punks frown at the back, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a tackling on a chart hit. Teenage me fondly recalls China Drum covering Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights with aplomb.

I raved about Christmas’ latest LP Scum As You Are on these here pages in May. My favourite track from that album is Good Times, High Fives and whaddaya know? With its chanty Turbojugend friendly singalong chorus, the track gets the 7” treatment and it hits the spot again… and again… and again. Christmas are bringing the beer and The Turbo A.C.’s are bringing the surfboards. Surely that’s every young dude’s summer beach party all wrapped up. Just don’t tell The Beach Boys as they’re liable to shit their slacks if they hear this 45. Ginge Knievil

 Pre-orders for the 7” are underway. Get it here

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